Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to Dundee

I did this a few years ago for a friend of mine. It was supposed to end up on a website promoting Dundee (I think...) but those plans stalled and so did the strip.

Anyway, here's the first six pages. It's got some flaws but there's some really nice storytelling in here I think. I'm particularly pleased with the bit about the Law... And look out for appearances from Desperate Dan and Frankenstein!


Dan McDaid said...

Thanks Spinko. Honestly, I don't think I'm gonna bother adding to much to this one now, I just wanted to get it out there after it had spent so long languishing on my hard-drive. Also, it's got a few nice touches that I'd like to incorporate into the work I'm doing now.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

I like the blank windows. They serve as a good frame for the lettering. :P

Hey Dan. :)

Nice work, The Last Minuters is looking pretty damn sweet as well.

Dan McDaid said...

Hey Sarah, how's it going? Yeah, I think I agree with you about the windows: they help to frame the piece and give it the right desolate quality. Also, clarity.

So how is it going? I just took a look at your blog and I'm digging some of the stuff you're doing over there. That splashy WWI piece is lovely, and I really dig the storytelling in that sample panel. Cool.

Anonymous said...

And poof.. like that I was gone! Again.

I'm okay, been a funny couple of years but we're broadening our horizons in a few ways. Bit of overseas travel to Noo Yaawk a couple of times, which was pretty damn cool. Specially the second time as it was under our own steam and we stayed in the Village.

Sadly, I don't think that particular GN is ever going to see the light of day, well not with me as the artist anyway. Just been too busy to make any sort of real commitment to it.

Good to see you active on t'interweb though, dude. Really am liking the stuff you're putting out as well, you've got such a distinctive style. Anyhoo, will probably drop you a line soon if the addy I have for you still works. Don't wanna clog up yer comments. ;)

- Sarah

THEdave said...

Dude, I LOVE IT.

Dan McDaid said...

OK, thedave - for that you get a sticker. Send your address to danmcdaidATyahoo.co.uk and I'll get that off to you.

Anonymous said...

Loved this, Dan. Drawing has such energy and vibrance, yet captures the menacing atmosphere beautifully.
Great how you`ve woven together several interesting strands of Dundee`s folklore in a seemingly very ordinary, everyday setting of a taxi ride.
So glad you finally gave this one the outing it deserves!