Sunday, May 14, 2006

He's got the body of a spider... but the mind of a baby.

Shh, alright. Alright. Calm down please. The bell is for me not for you. Yes, I'm back. A bit. Shh. Not a lot to say just yet - I'm a hard-working guy dammit - but here's other stuff for you to look at. SPOILER ALERT: this post contains drawings.

What's this? It is Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots. My favourite, but only in his original, excellent die-cast metal form. All subsequent Optimus Primes have been rubbish and not nearly as good as the original Optimus Prime, who is the best Optimus Prime of all the Optimus Primes. Anyway, enjoy my Optimus Prime sketch.

My bad-ass robot wrestler guy from my comic book which I will never in a million years finish. However, I like this guy a lot. There's a colour version coming, you lucky people (please click to enlargen).

Bad wolf!


You like? This one and the Wolf and the Optimus Prime are in a style that I'm sort of heading for: thin lines, quite pared down and cartoony. We'll see where it goes. Be excited for me you people!

Back back back in time, to the space year 2001, when I was working for a games company in Milton Keynes. Very futuristic, I'm sure you'll agree. Anyway, while I was there I worked on a very exciting project which alas came to nothing. It was called Emberland, and was the adventures about some mice in an old house. The Borrowers meets Stuart Little if you will. Some concept art for that:

And there'll be more soon. Please tell me what you think of these things!


Jay said...

i love the bad-ass robot wrestler guy. the angle and pose is V cool, he sort of looks like he'd tear you a new one but you'd be chuckling as if tickled by a heavy handed boisterous uncle...

..Ive said to much

Dan McDaid said...

I think my mind needs a pretty vigorous scrubbing at this point. Cheers for the feedback big fella - I'm looking to colour this guy pretty soon.

Have you posted your Lorek pic on DB yet sir? It looks ace!

Anonymous said...


Love the lace up front batcape, like an oldschool hockey player or boxer would have. Cooool.

Dan McDaid said...

Hi Dan, thanks for dropping by. Confession time: although I (really) love that design idea, it's actually the flex for a comm. system! Which means this doesn't come off as well as I would have liked. Oh well - if anyone asks, from now I'm going to say it's a lace-up...!

dylanio21 said...

Great Batman. GREAT. Like there's a lot of different Batmans that do nothing for me but yours here is really unique. Thumbs up and such.