Friday, February 17, 2006

Where he go? No one know.

Where he now? Why you asking, nosy cow?
Here's a picture, and then another one. First one is a sketchy, tabletty sketch of Judge Dredd. The one after that I worked up for THIS FAB THREAD on - it's an interpretation of the lovely Flaming Lips song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Hoo-ray (please click to embiggen).


Dan McDaid said...

Hello Alan H Spink! Hope you didn't mind me bunging your H in like that. And she doesn't fight crime - she fights evil-natured robots!

Have you actually seen your blog?

Dan McDaid said...

Yes, but can it be reasonably said that any crime is committed by evil natured robots?

Alright, yes it can. I am a fool.

Thanks for the kind words on the pics - but no love for the Yoshimi pic? I was really pleased with the background on that one.

Dan McDaid said...

I'm glad you saw the Gorillaz thing - that's totally what I was going for! And you should revisit the Flips, they're barmy and terrific!

Kirstie McCrum said...

Yoshimi looks excellent, and you really are growing in lots of exciting ways as an artist - I think you're aware of that already.

But the Flaming Lips do suck the crap music big one, however interesting Wayne Coyne may seem.

Listening to The Young Knives a lot lately, highly recommended.