Sunday, February 26, 2006

Frankenstein Lives

Further to a semi-recent post about Frankenstein, here's another pic of the classic horrible monster from Monster-Land. Grr. Is it apparent that I'm writing this while sober and with very sore arms? Yes.

It's a three page sequence from a comic that came to nothing, showing the monster looming out of Scotland's magnificent River Tay. It is quite old now and I'm not very proud of it, but I'm vainly showing it off cos it's obviously better than anything you lot can do. Ha ha ha! Obviously, if that isn't true, please email me your Frankenstein pictures to prove it and I will post them on my blog, probably with a scathing comment underneath.


Dan McDaid said...

This is very much my feeling about the River. Did you know Mary Shelly had much the same feeling about the Tay, and came up with the idea of Frankenstein, Or The Modern Prometheus, Or Weekend at Byron's 2 while she was staying on its banks? But surely, if I've used a drawing to summon him, only a drawing can send him away...?

I'd love if you (or your kids - or anyone who visits this blog!) did a drawing of Frankenstein's monster up to some hijinks. Or I'd love any drawings of anything - from anyone! Hell, let's make this a democracy - if anyone has any drawings (good or bad, but bad is better really) to contribute, please do so. And I promise I won't be even remotely scathing. If no one wants to that's okay - I'll keep posting with my silly nonsense come what may.

Dan McDaid said...

I am perfectly aware that I have misspelt Shelley by the way. I am a fool. Hopefully my cheap Weekend at Bernie's joke will offset this somewhat.


Gary Dunion said...

It does not.

Dan McDaid said...

You, sir are a bean-faced curmudgeon. Go and... save the whale, or whatever it is you damn hippy no-goodniks do.

I love how easily the words "damn" and "hippy" go together. God bless Richard Nixon!

Dan McDaid said...

Why thanks NicoleW - and I have to say the services offered by your excellent website are just the thing I've been looking for. Please feel free to come and visit my more or less PG-13 blog more often with special offers on your excellent range of sexual hardware! Hey, maybe you'd like to contribute to my Frankenstein competition (although, to be perfectly honest, I suspect I'll never hear from you again)!

Dan McDaid said...
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Dan McDaid said...

It's good to know that this *particular* post has been getting so much attention from the sleaze industry.


Sarah said...

Found You !!!

Buah ha haha ha... urk.

Good to see you've joined the 'blogosphere'. Man I hate that word.


Jay said...

just wondering if u were ever gonna email me again :)