Saturday, February 25, 2006


Do it!
I have drawings for you to see. How come I'm always posting when I'm half-cut? I detect a pattern...

This is Zen Bradley, from my pal Kyle's comic book which he has in the works. I've probably done her seksier than Kyle would like, but here it is anyhow:

And how about this? The same again, but by Christ in colour. Ye are blessed:

And now, something a bit different: a promo pic I did do for a - probably rightly - abortive games project. All photoshoppy, all the time:

And I'm desperately grasping for some sort of charm vote here, using this:



Kirstie McCrum said...

Good stuff - I totally love love love the monkey!

Dan McDaid said...

Hello Peach. Cute isn't he? That rhyming is awful thought. Are you pleased that I'm using Charlie as my avatar?

Dan McDaid said...

Actually Peach, that question is moot as I've decided I want to look like Dangermouse for a while instead. Hurrah for Dangermouse!

Jeff said...

Hey Dan. We have the print you gave us of the monkey and robot hanging in the hallway that bridges our childrens' bedrooms. Now does that warm your cockles or what?

Jay said...

Hey man, seriously i think this my fave thing youve done, though i said that when i saw them originally. I really can imagine a whole book of these. The simple style and the slightly textured colours are spot on. 'Bout time you gave this blog an update as i revisit every few days to see if you have any post student, ironic japery :) Anyhoo, bye for now dude