Wednesday, July 12, 2006


From Justice League - Green Lantern and Wonder Woman:


Dan McDaid said...

Yeah, I changed her hand cos it was a little... I dunno. Mechanical? Well spotted by the way!

Green Lantern is a goodie, but he totally looks like a threat doesn't he? This is how they have his eyes on the JL show, and he's kind of my least favourite character because of it. He's terrifying!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dan! Wow! Impressive artwork. Green Lantern gets the green light from me. Those hypnotic eyes! He makes a very powerful impact.
And great to see one of my favourite "super-heroines" again. Your Wonder Woman is beautiful, striking and strong - I`m so glad she`s on "our" side.
I`m a big fan of your work and I`m really enjoying seeing you experiment amd evolve.
Exciting times are ahead! Bella-Jane

Anonymous said...

DM, I feel you've got work to do on the Wonder Woman - there's a lack of perspective to her features that looks uneasy, more fembot than female.

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks for the feedback, BJ (can I call you that?)
Anonymous: thanks also for the crit. I kind of like how she looks here, but you may be onto something. Either way, I definitely need to spend more time drawing womens.

Kirstie McCrum said...

**You win**

My Danny boy-

I like the way that the Flash just pops, I think it's a real example of how less background makes more of the picture. I get that you're working with known characters makes it an easier thing to pull off, but the more your TLM confidence grows, the more likely you'll be to experiment with that sort of thing - a one-cell of SK without the saturated background would be an excellent tool in crises, no?
Less of a fan of Batman, although it's definitely interesting, but the real star here is, as always, Wonder Woman - am I right in saying this is a similar pose to the one you did in Morgan Street of her, although I think there she was smiling? She's an example that you're getting better with women, and good to note no resemblence to Kerry whatsoever!
Green Lantern is excellent too, very impressed with the hunky jaw.
These are all way cleaner than your own work - not a crit, just an
observation. Because they're iconic and thus easier to pare down? The more you get to know your TLM characters, the more you can inhabit them like this. All good stuff for keeping your hand in. Can't wait to see the fireman!