Wednesday, February 22, 2006


More pictures, you lovely, lovely people. The first is a piece of Mortal Engines fan art, depicting the slightly mad Hester Shaw descending on London and preparing to exact BLOODY VENGEANCE on the villain of the piece. It's a cracker of a novel by the way, clever and humane and thrillingly cinematic. Anyway - picture (click to enlarge):

And in a different vein, here's the very Thing:

Who's that old lady? That's my old lady:

And finally, Jack Ryder - The Creeper's alter ego. I was going to post my pic of the Creeper, but honestly he gives me (and my girlfriend) the fear. So I might save that for a Halloween special. Woooo...!



Dan McDaid said...

Squashed? Squashed!? Of all the infernal cheek...!

I guess he does look a little crammed in there. But that is kind of how he appears in the comic, so whaddayagonnado?

The old lady is me having a stab at the typical My Weekly fayre. You know, old woman, trapped in her flat, staring sadly at the world passing by... Hmmm, perhaps I am going through a bleak phase.

Anyway, thanks for the good feedback on the H. Shaw. She looks okay, doesn't she?

Kirstie McCrum said...

Well done, you beauty. Thanks for ditching the creeper. Still dreamy over Yoshimi...

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks Peach. I was so, so tempted to put him in on... but honestly, when I was fiddling with these images last night to make em the right size, that one of the Creeper just gave me the fear. It was late, owls were hooting in the nearby tenements... I got scared.

I might post him anyway, but REALLY REALLY small...

Or would that be worse?

Dan McDaid said...

On a totally unrelated note, I've noticed that there's a patch of my shirt which is getting really shiny from being rubbed against my work desk. That can't be right, can it? Bloody cheap shirts.

Sorry, drifted into tedious, self-indulgent mode there. As you were.

(really though, I can almost see my face in it)

Dan McDaid said...

Not yet Debs, but it's only a matter of time. I'd like to have a crack at drawing Valentine: I love heroes that turn out to be a bit shameful then redeem themselves in the end. He's a very, very interesting character. I'm also moved to draw a candid shot of Hester without the scarf - maybe from the scene where she and the boy meet the first time. You're right, an illustrated version would be great. Or even... a comic book?

You're stealing the image? Intriguing - what do you have planned for it?

Dan McDaid said...

Excellent - so are you planning on putting it on your blog, printing it off or whatever? Very exciting!

Dan McDaid said...

Wow, that's a really cool idea. And the only payment needed is the warm glow when I think of your happy charges as they view my work.

And a fiver. Fair's fair.