Thursday, May 06, 2010

Silver Nemesis!

Commission piece for Matt Zitron, inks n' brush on Bristol board.

Silver Nemesis is not a particularly popular Doctor Who story. It's not even particularly good, if I'm honest (too many limp jokes about social workers, a guest appearance from the Queen, a cameo appearance from a mostly forgotten Hollywood star... all bolted onto a plot used two stories earlier by Remembrance of the Daleks). It *does* feature the Cybermen, but it's the silver giants at their most useless - standing around waiting to get shot, falling over at the slightest whiff of gold... sigh.

BUT! It also features a brilliantly evil 16th Century witch, Sylvester McCoy at his most puckish and entertaining, and the awesome Sophie Aldred tearing shit up. Seriously, look at this:

"So who'll be next... and who'll be lucky?" It takes balls to talk to a Cyberman like that. Ace rules.

And that's why I love Silver Nemesis.



Anonymous said...

That image makes SIlver Nemesis look much cooler than it is.

Dan McDaid said...

I don't even understand how that would be possible. ;)

Mark Kardwell said...

Hell of a rich vein of form you're hitting this weather, Danny!

Word verification - retronap - I think I had one of those a few days ago, woke up just before I fell asleep.

Mike Rooth said...

Another amazing piece Dan. I love the Cybermen, so creepy and ridiculous...

Matt Zitron said...

I'm only seeing this for the first time today. My erection is incredible.

That Ace scene is my enduring memory from that episode, which I haven't re-watched since it aired.

Definitely looking forward to the DVD.

Matt Zitron said...

Also, I'd like to state here that the Cybermen are the best.

Way better than the Daleks (who I do love.)

I hope Moff's ep(s) are as creepy as they look.

I want a return to The Invasion glory.

Mr McDaid, when you finally hit Nodnol, let's go to the steps to Saint Paul's and set up our toys for photos.

That sounds lame. But it's cool. Honest.

Unknown said...

Cool blog! Great layout, for this post.

Dan McDaid said...

Mark and Mike - thanks, lads.

Matt, we are *definitely* going to do that.

Octavio! Cheers, man!

onegemini said...

The Silver Nemesis is a special one for me. I believe this was the 25th anniversary story (though I'm not sure how "special" it was), but it was around the same time I was watching Who every weekend on PBS (Tom Baker and Peter Davison stories at this time).

They were constantly showing behind the scenes and making of bits from Silver Nemesis ("look how we made the bow glow! Oooo!").

I watched this episode again early this year - man there were some sound issues. Often it sounded like when kids get together and make movies with their dad's camcorder. Apparently no lapel or boom mics on this episode.

Anyway. Still. Big influence on me. I wrote my very first Doctor Who fanfiction at that time which was called "The Silver Robot," and was obviously ripped off of this story.