Friday, May 16, 2008

Warm-Up Sketches: Hellboy, Mister Miracle and the Shadow

I watched Hellboy last night. Sadly, it's still not very good. Lots of problems, but the main one is that there just isn't enough Jeffrey Tambor. I bent the missus' ear off during the film's dreary, CGI-soaked climax, by continually going "where's Jeffrey Tambor? I hope Jeffrey Tambor's alright. Are they going to cut back to Jeffrey Tambor?" This in spite of having seen the film before. They cut back to JT a little way into the credits as a sort of joke, showing him panicking in the dark as something evil approached, and apparently missing the fact that elsewhere in the film some effort had been made to expand his character beyond the role of comic support, and even to offer him as a kind of replacement father figure for HB (cf. the bit with the cigar). Anyway, this typifies this rather odd, flat, strangely schizophrenic film - a film which should be Die Hard meets the Exorcist, but which too often feels more like Spy Kids 4: Cthulhu Returns.

Anyway, I sketched a movie-ish HB. I hope you like it.

Brush pen on printer paper. Took about ten minutes and it shows.

...aaaand, I also did a slightly wonky Mister Miracle for Wilfredo Torres. Sorry WT - I've got a better one in the works.

Pentel brush pen and photoshop and I watched the most amazing thing on the internet last night. US broadcaster Keith Olbermann - who I hadn't heard of before - attacking GWB in the most erudite, comprehensive, and fantastically rabid way imaginable. Manic, thrilling stuff, and nearly enough to give my bad liberal self a semi. Here's a link, if you're interested. To my US viewers, this is probably ancient news, so sorry about that.

...and lastly but not leastly, I did a Shadow for my pal Mark Cardwell. Hope you like it, chum.

Pentel brush pen on printer paper, with some photoshop colours thrown over it.

More suggestions for Warm-Up Sketches please! I'm spending more time on these than I should, but they are a lot of fun. NB. I'm not prepared to draw Keith Olbermann.


mattcrap said...

smokin' hot piece, here, buddy

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, Matt. Hey, if you've got any other characters you'd like me to draw let me know. This includes ones you've made you yerself...

Anonymous said...


That Shadow's fantastic. If no one else is throwing out names at the moment, I'll toss a few more in the hat:

Spike -- from Cowboy Bebop (hanging out with Ed maybe)

Has Spidey shown up yet?

I wish there were some other characters who happened to be great and also 'minorities' . . . but I'm coming up short, except for in Vendable, of course.



Ha! Scott Free is the man - Awesome take on The Shadow.

Dan McDaid said...

Hey David - a thousand apologies but I just twigged who you are and why you're of the "Vendable" persuasion! What can I say - I've had a lot on my mind (I even briefly entertained the idea that you were David Tennant, ha ha). Anyway, ta for the suggestions and I'll see what I can do (it's been ages since I've drawn Spidey, and I've never drawn those other dudes you mention). I'll also link up to yer comic.

Wilfredo - thanks a lot. I have an idea for a better MM and BB and I'll try and get this up soon.

Anonymous said...


No worries.

If David Tennant actually knew who Static was, that'd be pretty cool. I think, though, that's one piece of knowledge that he might come up short on. That said, you did draw the guy, and he's mentioned some whedon shows here and there . . . and I did sign one post with David M(which could have been for McDonald....)

You know, I think I should apologize for unwittingly setting up a pro-Tennant scenario. Heh. Sorry about that.

But much thanks for the link. Though I certainly like the ring of what you wrote, I'd feel like a hog if I didn't throw half of that light on Robert.

looking forward to more kick-ass art,


Dan McDaid said...

Further apologies David - I'll fix that!

WJC said...

I've been loving the 'warm-up' sketches and would like to put forward Dan Dreiberg as Nite Owl or Marshal Law as possibilities. Though i've been fighting a monsterous urge to suggest one of my own characters like Gelatina or The Volcaknight as I'd love to see them in a proffessional comic style.

Dan McDaid said...

Hi Warwick. Marshall Law scared the beejeezus out of me when I was an impressionable teen, so I might have to exorcise that demon. I flipping love your work as well so I'll likely take a crack at your characters as well...

Mark Kardwell said...

Feckin' love that THE SHADOW! Must post it over at my shop.

And a oh hell yeah! to drawing Marshall Law. Loved that as a teen myself, and as I never miss a chance to tell anyone who hasn't read 'em, it pretty much invented the entire Mark Millar/Warren Ellis cynical superhero style.

And if you're going to draw any of Warwick's characters, try and make it the Swedish superheroine Elka, leggy nemesis of the trollish hordes.

And I was going to suggest, howzabout a Dracula or a Howard The Duck, in solidarity with Gene Colan (get well soon)?

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks for the kind words Mark-o (and cheers for the heads-up about Warwick's character... I definitely need to draw some more wimmin, so I'll see what I can do). Marshall Law... Christ, I remember my Dad finding my issues of Strip Magazine (what were they thinking?!) which reprinted this stuff and he - being of more or less solid Catholic stock - going absolutely spare. Yipe.

Bloody hell though, poor Gene Colan. He's one of those creators that I'm a fan of without quite realising it, if you see what I mean: I'd have read reprints of his Dracula or Daredevil or Iron Man when I was a kid/teenager and loved it, without realising who was drawing all this mad, elliptical stuff. Anyway - Howard the Duck. Another one for the list.

Dan McDaid said...

Also! Mark, if you want a hi-res version of the Shadow pic fo' printing, let me know and I'll email it over to you.