Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hello people! Sorry it's been so quiet around here of late. It's been for a thoroughly excellent reason I can assure you: I've just finished doing a small stack of illustrations for this year's Doctor Who Storybook. Hooray! I'm honour bound not to say too much about it at the moment, but I can say I'm illustrating a story by one of the writers of the TV show. Go me!

In related excite-o-news, I've also just handed in the first draft of the first part of a story I'm doing for Doctor Who Magazine called, er, The First. Again, I have to keep schtum about this at the mo, but as I'm sure you can imagine I'm virtually bouncing off the walls.

Let's have Davros' cheeky motto of the day:



Daniel said...

WOW, congratulation Dan!!!! Really, really happy for you!

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks a lot Daniel - hopefully this explains why I've been absent from the 6pack scene for so long...!

SRH said...

Congrats! I know this Who gig means a bunch to you. Not a "The Who" gig because they no longer tour and all. ummm... I will go be quiet now

Dan McDaid said...

Ha ha! Actually, I think the Who do still tour, but I don't have the time to hook up with them these days. Also, it would just be too cute - the Who *and* Doctor Who? No.

I really let this blog slide didn't I...? Thanks for sticking with it man!

Dita said...

Just popped in to say your artwork for the Storybook was by far the best. Yay! More please. Looking forward to the strip in DWM.


Dan McDaid said...

Hello Dita - thank you very much! I'm totally gobsmacked to get such a nice comment so soon after the book being published. I can't even tell you how TOTALLY EXCITED I am about this month's DWM. The strip even gets mentioned on the cover! *faints*

Just out of curiousity but... do I know you? Just wondering!