Sunday, June 07, 2015


I didn't enjoy the Daredevil TV show that much. Indeed I couldn't get past the first episode, which seemed to feature a woman getting abused or threatened with violence every five minutes or so. Want to catalyse your plot? Boom! Here's some sex slaves. But how to get our hero invested? Boom! Here's a crying woman getting half strangled in a police cell. This is schlocky, exploitative shit, and I'm not convinced it's good enough. Maybe it reflects the way the world actually is? God, I hope not.

I'm not saying all depictions of women in media need to be positive - of course I'm not - but geez can we not hit the VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN button quite so damn much in these superhero stories? I'd like to watch one of these stupid things with my missus without having to continually shout "I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS" inside my mind.

Anyway, I still love you Daredevil, and here's a recent DD commission.

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Biggedy said...

I didn't like the show either. I tried to stick it through and slogged through almost all of it until the last two episodes. That's when I realized I was trying to like it because everybody else told me it was great. I bailed out then, and didn't look back!

In any case, I love your work! Great stuff!