Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buy Me!

In a couple of weekends time, I'm going to be at the Glasgow Comic Con in... well, in Glasgow. While there,  I'm going to be sketching, making nice and generally living it up. I'll also have sketchbooks and prints for sale, so look out for stuff that looks like this:

Even if you're not going to the con, you can still get your hands on my goods! I'm selling the sketchbooks and the prints for 5 UKP (plus 2.50 p&p). The prints are signed (if you like), and I'll do a wee sketch on the inside flap of each sketchbook.

If you want one, drop me a line danmcdaid@yahoo.co.uk Or you can Paypal me at the same address.

The Glasgow Comic Con is on the 30th June-1st July. Come get some!

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