Friday, October 22, 2010

Doctor Who and the Dialects!

Below is a recent commisson piece, set in my home county of Cornwall (aah, I bet you all thought I was Scottish, didn't you?). The client wanted to see himself and his wife in a thrilling adventure with the Tenth Doctor the Daleks. So, like Jim'll Fix It, I fixed it for him to have just that!

I'm particularly chuffed with the Dalek in the bottom right there - he just came together really well.

The pencils! This was the piece which finally convinced me to go back to using a mechanical graphite pencil after a couple of years of using blue pencil. It was fun, blue pencil, but mechanical graphite pencil is just more... flexible.

I loved doing these - Daleks, South Crofty Tin Mine, girls in chains - it was like my teenage years all over again.

Fancy seeing yourself tangling with, I dunno, the Drahvins or somebody? Drop me a line!



Traveller28 said...

Woah! Excellent, cannot beat putting the Daleks in a traditional setting with girls in chains :D

Made my day!

Isi said...

You're from CORNWALL!?
skills, man B-)

Dan McDaid said...

Cheers, Trav!

Lordi - What the what?? Which bit are you from?

Isi said...

currently, i live in St Agnes.