Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jersey Gods 9... out today, folks! Behind a cracking Mike Allred cover, you'll find:

Nightmares! Barock confronts a figure from his past.
War! Helius discovers the truth about Hecticus.
Secrets! What is Barock's hidden weakness?
Death! Which God has reached the end of the line?
Gratuitous nudity! No, really.

And here's my favourite page from the ish...



WJC said...

That is a right handsome page.

Le Mc said...

I like the pyramidal structure and the guy's sideburns! :-D

Dan McDaid said...

Thanks, chaps!

Paul Conrad said...

I can see why. That last panel is a humdinger!

Dan McDaid said...

Thank you, Paul! I was super pleased with that last panel - really enjoyed pushing the shapes a bit.