Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gods and Monsters

Hellow fellows. If you head over here RIGHT NOW, you’ll see some sketches and things from Jersey Gods which, all being well, will hit the shelves in February 09. Excitingly, I will be going to New York Comic Con to help launch the books and do sketches and things. I’ve never been to NY before - Maybe I’ll meet Todd McFarlane!

But don’t go anywhere yet! As the Doctor Who Storybook has been on the shelves for a couple of months now, I feel pretty confident in putting these up here. I’ll be honest, I’m not as happy with these as I was with last year’s effort, or with my Hotel Historia strip from earlier in the year. Sometimes you have the mojo, and sometimes you don’t. Anyway, compare with my roughs and see the magic of the creative process!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just bought GTA 4, so I’ve got some serious killing to do.


Mark Kardwell said...

Oooh, GTA4. For which platform?

Dan McDaid said...

Xbox 360. Niiice. I am actually awful at it thus far.

Anonymous said...

Ah NYCC -- I'd say come up and visit, but it'd still be a five hour hike north to get here. Ah, well. Have fun!

If my friend Andre of Groove Junction will be there, I'll send him your way. You can see his stuff at .

Unknown said...

Nice work Dan!

I'm trying to finish a strip at the moment, deadline is approaching and it's taking ages but one of the things keeping me going is the thought that I'm going to treat myself to an Xbox 360 and GTA IV when it's done. Sounds like the game is living up to expectations!

wolfboy said...

These are SICK good, Dan! Nice line work. Who did the colors?

Dan McDaid said...

Blair, thanks for the offer anyway. And definitely send Andre my way - his stuff is wicked.

Faz, mind if I ask what you're working on at the mo? I am writing Doctor Who this week, and promising myself a marathon GTA IV session at the end of it. Also - Bioshock is on its way. Played the demo the other day and it's out of sight.

Andy - too kind as always. :) The colours are all me, baby!

Unknown said...

I'm working on my strip for the DFC, it's a subscription only, weekly childrens comic book:

I so want to play Bioshock too!

Anonymous said...

GTA and Bioshock? How will you ever get anything done? Do you know how many talent artists that video games have eaten whole and spit out the bones? ;)

I'm behind myself. I've finally got Elder Scrolls: Oblivion game of the year edition (with the expansion packs) sitting out on my 360 calling to me... but I know once I go there, it'll be hard to come back. And I got stuff to do!

Traveller28 said...

GTA chewed up many of my hours but Gears Of War 2/Fallout 3 were much more fun :)

Love the last frame in this post!